Wireless Irrigation System

Remconix provides innovative, cost-effective, reliable wireless control and monitoring equipment to the farming and landscaping market.

The Remconix wireless irrigation products replace the wires in a normal irrigation system. Installation of the Remconix wireless irrigation products is made really simple by intelligent design, so much so that all our products can be D.I.Y. (Do it yourself).

Ease-of-use is a primary feature of each and every one of our wireless irrigation products, saving the installer time and money, whilst the user gains access to powerful, yet simple features.

Benefits of using the Wireless Irrigation products from Remconix.

  • Save on soaring cable costs. The copper price over the period August 2002 to August 2007 has risen by over fivefold ! This price increase has had a direct impact on the cost of solenoid valve control cable.
  • Save on labour costs during installation. Trenching can be both time-consuming and labour intensive, so why bother ? Minimise your trenching by using wireless control.
  • Save on troubleshooting cable breaks. Cables can be broken due to negligence, accident, degradation and more frequently than ever they are being stolen.
  • Ease of installation – there are some circumstances where the laying of control cable is simply impractical. This is no longer the case using wireless control.
  • Less lightning problems – no cable to act us pick-up for lightning strikes.



About Us

Remconix cc is a South African company that was established in 2003. The companies operations was taken over by Agriplas in March 2013. Agriplas has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of irrigation products for more than 40 years. Our product range includes our own Gulf Micro Sprinkler, Valve and automation ranges as well as agency products. We are based in Alrode in  Johannesburg  in the province of Gauteng.  The company designs and manufactures radio telemetry systems which allow control over a range of equipment.

Gulf Automation, a division of Agriplas, focuses on identifying engineering applications where modern Radio Frequency (RF) control techniques can be applied.




Our boards are produced on automated pick and place lines with a combined placement rate of over 20 000 components per hour, with a placement accuracy of up to 50 microns. An ISO9001:2000 certified Quality Management System is in place.



Fully automated testing is conducted on each printed circuit board, which is serialized and production log files are kept.

Once a unit passes the PCB testing stage it continues to Final Assembly where the PCB is mounted into its enclosure and the final kit is put together.

A further Final Assembly test is carried out prior to boxing and shipping.